Young People and Addiction

Recent studies show that about 1 in every 6 six Americans ages 18 to 25 are battling a substance use disorder, the highest percentage of any age group.  Young adults are most likely to abuse alcohol, marijuana, or prescription medication but we have all watched many young adults be swept up by opiate use as well, including heroin.


Failure to launch

Substance use issues at this age can impact a myriad of other areas in a young person's life and even cause failure to launch (a young adults inability to become a fully functional adult).  Battling the chaos, depression, anxiety, and trauma that surround substance abuse is exhausting and can leave little time or energy for education, school, family, or social relationships.


Young People & Recovery

Young adults considering recovery have specialized concerns including conceptualizing sobriety for the rest of their adulthood, judging themselves against their higher performing peers, relationship and family issues, educational deficits, and lack of vocational opportunities.


Therapy Can Help

 Young adults who are able to establish a successful recovery have an advantage over those entering recovery later in life.  Their substance use and the unhealthy behaviors and trauma that accompany it have had less time to form and they have more time and opportunity to overcome the stigma associated with addiction.  Recovery is possible.