What to Expect

When You First Reach Out To Us

The first step for many folks is sending us an email, text, or phone call to inquire about services. We will follow up with you, get some basic information including availability for sessions, insurance, and a brief synopsis of why you are entering counseling. If, for any reason, we cannot accommodate you for services we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

If we can accommodate you, we will get your basic information including your email address so we can send you the link to our Client Portal. Here you will have access to the intake documents that need to be completed. This will include credit card information, insurance information, basic demographics, and assessments of your functioning and presenting issues. We require a credit or debit card on file for all clients and automatically charge it for session or cancellation fees.

You can also request appointments in the Client Portal. Appointments have to be confirmed by your counselor before you should count on attending. It is important to note that initial appointments will not be confirmed until all documents in the Client Portal have been filled out.

Your First Appointment

Because you’ve already filled out a lot of information in the intake process, your counselor will have a good idea of what is bringing you to counseling when you first arrive. The first two sessions will be dedicated to further assessing your presenting issue and any complications as well as setting goals for counseling and making a plan to achieve them. This is important work that frames and focuses the rest of the counseling process.

These first couple of appointments are also a good chance for you to get to know your counselor and to decide if you think its a good fit. One of the biggest factors to success in therapy is being able to build a healthy counseling relationship and things like connection and fit are critical to this process. If you don’t think your counselor is a good fit at any time in the process, please let us know! Your happiness and growth are our top priority.