Trauma & Stress

Let's be honest, life is hard!  Many people are managing chronic stress and have been in difficult situations.  Therapy can help you to retrain your brain and body to respond more effectively to stress and develop a plan to mitigate its effects for years to come.



Trauma can be described as a type of damage to the mind that occurs as the result of a distressing or disturbing event.  This includes things like domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying, natural disasters, or even war. 

Many people think only those struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) need to seek help.  This is a myth.  Recently, more subtleties are being discovered in the world of trauma from the impact of childhood experiences to minority stress.

Trauma rewires your brain to react in unhealthy ways but the good news is there are effective practices you can implement.  Don't let your past experiences hinder your future progress.


Stress Management

Difficulty coping with chronic stress is a common contributor to many physical and mental health problems.  Chronic stress repeatedly activates your fight-or-flight system and has been linked to heart problems, strokes, depression, anxiety, IBS, and other health conditions.  

Don't let this silent killer take over your life!  There are proven ways to effectively manage stress.



A holistic program of self-care can help you to manage your current issues more effectively while also building a healthy foundation to use during later adversity.  Self-care work can include the usual elements like exercise, meditation, or positive support; but it can also include things like building a values-based life, modifying unhelpful beliefs, and setting healthier boundaries.