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The Center for Establishing Recovery aims to provide socially conscious, science-backed, trauma-informed, and relationship-based therapeutic services to residents of Southeast Michigan.    

All of the work we do here at CER is grounded in the following values:

Boundaries: We understand the enhancing nature of healthy boundaries between ourselves and other people or places. We know that boundaries make healthy relationships possible and encourage an environment where they are discussed and respected. We follow ethical standards, as well as best practice for boundaries within the counseling relationship, to ensure the helpfulness of our services.

Compassion: We put empathy and compassion, both for ourselves and others, at the center of everything we do. We appreciate how compassion can be a catalyst for personal growth and prioritize it over being right.

Community: We understand that, as human being, we are inextricably linked to the world around us and that our community has a huge impact on our mental health. We work to build community both within and outside of our practice to help the people we serve.

Competency: We take our role as helper seriously and work hard to be informed and effective. Our number one priority is helping our patients experience personal growth and we eliminate distractions from that through our efficiency as counselors and stewards of a limited license company.

Diversity: We believe in the enhancing nature of diverse environments and the change and growth that can be experienced through interacting with diverse people. We welcome people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, backgrounds, income levels, abilities, or genders.

We work to provide a staff that is diverse and representative of the people we serve and to build a place where difference is recognized and appreciated but not ranked or judged. We also work to peel back the layers of systemic oppression and how it impacts our patients and their lives.

Fairness: The world might not be fair but at CER we work to build an environment of fairness both in our interactions with patients and our interactions with each other and the outside world. We believe in the therapeutic value of building environments that do not replicate societal oppression.

Growth: We do not aim for perfection, which we know is impossible and damaging, but instead we aim to always be growing and improving. We welcome feedback and use it as a tool for enhancing ourselves personally and professionally. We hope that this attitude of growth will inspire our patients to work for growth in their own lives.

Love: We believe in the healing properties of platonic love that is not oppressive or controlling. We believe that love can uplift us as individuals and communities. We believe that love is an action word and will work to be loving with our patients, each other, and the outside world in all of our interactions. We believe that love, especially when we’re being unloveable, is one of the greatest (and most healing) gifts a person can receive.

Responsibility: We believe that true freedom is grounded in responsibility and we take our responsibilities to our patients and the community very seriously. We will be responsible for providing socially conscious, science-backed, trauma-informed, and relationship-based therapeutic services to members of Southeast Michigan in a way that aligns with our values.

Service: We believe that service to others is more than a business, it is a calling. We will work to serve our patients in ways that enhance their lives and their mental health. We will also work to be of service to those in the greater community through supervision, consultation, training, or education.


Our Approach

Our approach to therapy is holistic; centers your wants and desires; emphasizes the common factors found in effective therapy; and uses a variety of interventions with an emphasis on mindfulness and behavioral change.  

We aim to give every client a positive and helpful experience that improves their health and their life.



HOlistic Care

We see patients as complex individuals with interconnected health systems all impacting one another.  We believe in self-care programs that emphasize wellness in all areas of your life including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.




Person-centered therapy has been discussed so much that it's almost a cliche.  However, we truly believe that effective therapy is built on a foundation that includes the therapeutic relationship and your autonomy.  We will work hard to build a positive and empathetic rapport with you and to support you every step of the way.

Common Factors

After years of research into psychological theories and treatments, factors that span across treatments to produce results have been identified.  They include a positive therapeutic relationship, empathy with our patients, cultural competency, and open communication.  We ensure our therapy is effective and impactful by incorporating evidence- based elements as a part of every therapeutic encounter.




We are knowledgeable in a variety of approaches but frequently use third wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This approach couples behavioral change with present moment acceptance to produce growth.  Mindfulness is a powerful approach that has life changing results for many people.